Counter (individual) Terrorism

Counter terrorism is often believed to be ‘attacking the core of the terrorist organisations’, however the terrorists are proved to be spread out and lone wolf terrorism is at a rise since years. So what is 'the core of terrorism'?

Airsoft versus Real Weapons

Often airsoft weapons have been used for criminal activities and its hard to differentiate them.I was completely amazed how identical they are to real weapons. Please excuse the video quality as I made this video impromptu after playing a game with friends. Help us spread the awareness.

Buy a gun, get a hand grenade free!

Money laundering and weapons smuggling, the perfect marriage for terrorism! A dramatic rise of illegal weapons from Eastern Europe and the Balkans raise the question how safe our countries actually are these days.

Reporting suspicious activities

Everyone’s assistance is crucial to aiding law enforcement and public safety officials who are working to keep your local community and country safe.

Jingle bells…jingle bombs?

Mulled wine is flowing, Christmas songs are echoing through the streets, people are singing and terrorist are planning an attack to our public joyful events.

Power of the People

In many countries, even where statistically the terrorism threat is rather low, they have implemented a national campaign to report any suspicious activity to local authorities. Everyone heard about certain campaign such as “See Something, Say Something”.