H uman skills are most demanded in all sectors. There is a shortage of skills in comparison with demand of skills. 6ecurity founded a security training program for upgrading human skills by enhancing your senses.

Threats has evolved in recent years. Millions have been spent on infrastructure and security, but this has not been enough to secure safety. A major vulnerability in sophisticated security systems is the neglected ‘human factor’ and it is becoming more crucial today to focus in this area. Human skills are permanent skills - they don’t become obsolete. No matter how the world changes around us, we need human skills to get by and to succeed.

6ecurity offers you a solution to overcome these troubling gaps. Our Education of the Senses program will enhance your security team with trained skills. By combining our intelligence and your technologies, we aspire to provide a safer environment. Ultimately the safety and security of the people is our highest priority.

6ecurity trainings

  • Increase suspicious behaviour awareness
  • Reduce identity fraud
  • Enhance crowd spotting skills
  • Detect anomalies in your routine environment
  • Recognize behaviour patterns

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